Your Data

Would your partner know where to find all your important data, passwords & documents? Would they know what bank accounts, insurance policies or contracts you had? What about digital data or online accounts such as social media, music, TV and photo libraries? A lot of this information is vital not just for keeping probate costs down but also for the safety of your family dependants when you are gone.

  • A digital record of important documents in case of death, fire or theft
  • An index of personal admin that your next of kin can easily navigate
  • Where to find your emotionally precious archives - e.g. photos
Official Certificates

A digital archive in case of death, fire or theft

  • Save copies of documents that can be found wherever you are in the world - or your next of kin can access via your Executor if you die.

Log personal admin

  • Index personal finances, utilities, photos, music and social media details, so probate can be completed efficiently - saving time, money and heartache.
Secret Information

Classified material only your Executor sees

  • Details that need to stay unpublished, perhaps even after your death - e.g. instructions for your solicitor regarding secret publications and correspondence.