Your Estate

The words ‘estate planning’ can be misleading and you might not think you even have an ‘estate’. But if you have any assets whatsoever then you have an estate, whether that’s owning a car, a house, a business, valuable belongings, investments, savings accounts, life insurance etc. Don’t leave it to chance. Help protect your estate and pass it on to your loved ones exactly the way you want.

  • Record your personal possessions
  • Calculate your financial position
  • Investment guidance from well known experts
Personal Property Recorder

Catalogue possessions in case of fire or theft

  • Get preferential cover & earlier payouts from Insurers.
Estate Calculator

Work out your net wealth - stored in one secure digital file

  • Estimate your financial position & leave a summary of your estate.
  • Consider Inheritance Tax with your partner for your entire family.
Wealth Management

Investment guidance on simple tax relief & allowances

  • Our experts aim to demystify investing and debunk jargon.
  • Maximise the opportunities of long term investing without paying excessive commissions.