Your Life

Secure your digital afterlife by capturing your life’s key moments & your family history so that your memories live on with future generations. Take control of your afterlife & store all your information securely and enable someone you trust to access your accounts to do what you wish with them.

  • Register your next of kin & your Executor
  • Record your life story
  • Create a family scrapbook



Self & Family

Essential personal information

  • Register details to identify you, your next of kin, your children's guardians and the Executor to your Will and Estate.
Family Scrapbook

Your family's social media tree

  • Record life stories that you never want to lose.
  • Invite family to join your scrapbook.
My Stories

Your personal lifetime journal

  • Memoirs to be passed on to your children - including pictures & documents.
Epitaph & Obituaries

Memorial pages

  • Epitaph: a few words for a tombstone.
  • Obituary: a life's biography.
  • Eulogy: a speech praising the deceased.
Bucket List

Log all the things you want to do in life

  • Explore the world. Pursue your passion. Be a mentor. Save something or somebody.