Your Will

A Will is one of the most important documents you will sign during your life, yet most people either don’t have one, or haven’t updated it for years. We’ve made it easy to draft a Will online with expert estate planning solicitors. Deal with probate in the best way and make your online Will through Lexikin.

  • Every adult should have an up to date, professionally drafted Will
  • Your next of kin must be able to find your Will
  • Lexikin helps to minimise the Inheritance Tax on your Estate
Importance of a Will

It is imperative everyone has a Will

  • Maintaining a professionally drafted Will to fulfil your wishes, minimise Inheritance Tax and provide for your family is crucial.
Make a Will and Codicil

Store / amend an existing Will - or create a new one

  • Ensure your Will is up to date, valid, drafted by a qualified solicitor and your dependants can find it.
Managing Probate

The process dealing with the administration of an Estate

  • Save your family time, money and emotional heartache with a good Will. Log your data so your Executors can follow the legal process efficiently.